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Craft Liquors, Beers, Wines & Cocktails

The Chatsworth staff are keeping things fresh by offering a lineup of new craft liquors and craft beers that are new, fun, and interesting by the best distillers and brew masters in the industry.  We also serve a variety of craft Gins from England for Signature Gin and Tonics with Elderflower and India Tonics from Fever Tree.  Of course we have a craft cocktail list (see menu below) such as The American Woman at The Savoy named after the women who would visit London during the Prohibition and have their cocktails at the iconic Savoy Hotel, Classic Pimm’s Cocktail or Signature Old Fashions for the Gentlemen.  We also have bubbly cocktails such as The Oxford Comma (Watermelon, lime, mint, and Prosecco) for the ladies to keep things up to snuff.  Our wine list has organic and sustainable wines to keep us and the environment healthy.

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